Khoury League

Team NameCoach
Brown's Drug Store 
Dan Hecht Chevrolet Toyota 
Effingham Noon Rotary 
Elks Lodge 1016 
Heritage Builders 
Russ Braunecker Cadillac Buick GMC 
Taylor Law Office 

Schedule: All Teams

Legend: Today Cancelled Reschedule Tournament

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5/2/20225:30 PMKiwanisRuss Braunecker Cadillac Buick GMCMike Sehy Field
5/3/20225:30 PMBrown's Drug StoreElks Lodge 1016Mike Sehy Field
5/4/20225:30 PMEffingham Noon RotaryDan Hecht Chevrolet ToyotaMike Sehy Field
5/5/20225:30 PMHeritage BuildersTaylor Law OfficeMike Sehy Field
5/9/20225:30 PMElks Lodge 1016Dan Hecht Chevrolet ToyotaMike Sehy Field
5/10/20225:30 PMTaylor Law OfficeRuss Braunecker Cadillac Buick GMCMike Sehy Field
5/11/20225:30 PMHeritage BuildersKiwanisMike Sehy Field
5/12/20225:30 PMBrown's Drug StoreEffingham Noon RotaryMike Sehy Field
5/16/20225:30 PMKiwanisEffingham Noon RotaryMike Sehy Field
5/17/20225:30 PMHeritage BuildersDan Hecht Chevrolet ToyotaMike Sehy Field
5/18/20225:30 PMBrown's Drug StoreRuss Braunecker Cadillac Buick GMCMike Sehy Field
5/19/20225:30 PMElks Lodge 1016Taylor Law OfficeMike Sehy Field
5/23/20225:30 PMEffingham Noon RotaryTaylor Law OfficeMike Sehy Field
5/24/20225:30 PMKiwanisElks Lodge 1016Mike Sehy Field
5/25/20225:30 PMBrown's Drug StoreHeritage BuildersMike Sehy Field
5/26/20225:30 PMRuss Braunecker Cadillac Buick GMCDan Hecht Chevrolet ToyotaMike Sehy Field
5/31/20225:30 PMKiwanisBrown's Drug StoreMike Sehy Field
5/31/20227:30 PMHeritage BuildersElks Lodge 1016Mike Sehy Field
6/1/20225:30 PMDan Hecht Chevrolet ToyotaTaylor Law OfficeMike Sehy Field
6/1/20227:30 PMEffingham Noon RotaryRuss Braunecker Cadillac Buick GMCMike Sehy Field
6/2/20225:30 PMElks Lodge 1016Effingham Noon RotaryMike Sehy Field
6/2/20227:30 PMDan Hecht Chevrolet ToyotaBrown's Drug StoreMike Sehy Field
6/3/20225:30 PMRuss Braunecker Cadillac Buick GMCHeritage BuildersMike Sehy Field
6/3/20227:30 PMTaylor Law OfficeKiwanisMike Sehy Field
6/6/20225:30 PMDan Hecht Chevrolet ToyotaKiwanisMike Sehy Field
6/6/20227:30 PMTaylor Law OfficeBrown's Drug StoreMike Sehy Field
6/7/20225:30 PMRuss Braunecker Cadillac Buick GMCElks Lodge 1016Mike Sehy Field
6/7/20227:30 PMEffingham Noon RotaryHeritage BuildersMike Sehy Field
6/8/20225:30 PMTaylor Law OfficeHeritage BuildersMike Sehy Field
6/8/20227:30 PMElks Lodge 1016Brown's Drug StoreMike Sehy Field
6/9/20225:30 PMRuss Braunecker Cadillac Buick GMCKiwanisMike Sehy Field
6/9/20227:30 PMDan Hecht Chevrolet ToyotaEffingham Noon RotaryMike Sehy Field
6/13/20225:30 PMEffingham Noon RotaryKiwanisMike Sehy Field
6/13/20227:30 PMRuss Braunecker Cadillac Buick GMCBrown's Drug StoreMike Sehy Field
6/14/20225:30 PMTaylor Law OfficeElks Lodge 1016Mike Sehy Field
6/14/20227:30 PMDan Hecht Chevrolet ToyotaHeritage BuildersMike Sehy Field
6/15/20225:30 PMDan Hecht Chevrolet ToyotaElks Lodge 1016Mike Sehy Field
6/15/20227:30 PMEffingham Noon RotaryBrown's Drug StoreMike Sehy Field
6/16/20225:30 PMRuss Braunecker Cadillac Buick GMCTaylor Law OfficeMike Sehy Field
6/16/20227:30 PMKiwanisHeritage BuildersMike Sehy Field
6/20/20225:30 PMElks Lodge 1016KiwanisMike Sehy Field
6/20/20227:30 PMDan Hecht Chevrolet ToyotaRuss Braunecker Cadillac Buick GMCMike Sehy Field
6/21/20225:30 PMHeritage BuildersBrown's Drug StoreMike Sehy Field
6/21/20227:30 PMTaylor Law OfficeEffingham Noon RotaryMike Sehy Field
6/22/20225:30 PMElks Lodge 1016Heritage BuildersMike Sehy Field
6/22/20227:30 PMBrown's Drug StoreKiwanisMike Sehy Field
6/23/20225:30 PMRuss Braunecker Cadillac Buick GMCEffingham Noon RotaryMike Sehy Field
6/23/20227:30 PMTaylor Law OfficeDan Hecht Chevrolet ToyotaMike Sehy Field
6/27/20225:30 PMKiwanisTaylor Law OfficeMike Sehy Field
6/27/20227:30 PMHeritage BuildersRuss Braunecker Cadillac Buick GMCMike Sehy Field
6/28/20225:30 PMBrown's Drug StoreDan Hecht Chevrolet ToyotaMike Sehy Field
6/28/20227:30 PMEffingham Noon RotaryElks Lodge 1016Mike Sehy Field
6/29/20225:30 PMBrown's Drug StoreTaylor Law OfficeMike Sehy Field
6/29/20227:30 PMKiwanisDan Hecht Chevrolet ToyotaMike Sehy Field
6/30/20225:30 PMHeritage BuildersEffingham Noon RotaryMike Sehy Field
6/30/20227:30 PMElks Lodge 1016Russ Braunecker Cadillac Buick GMCMike Sehy Field