Girls Minor League Softball

Team NameCoach
Bahrn's Equipment 
Dieterich Bank 
Roepke Overhead Doors 
Spectrum Screen Graphics 

Schedule: All Teams

Legend: Today Cancelled Reschedule Tournament

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5/23/20225:30 PMBahrn's EquipmentDieterich BankEast Diamond
5/23/20227:00 PMREMAXSpectrum Screen GraphicsEast Diamond
5/26/20225:30 PMRoepke Overhead DoorsProRehabEast Diamond
5/26/20227:00 PMDieterich BankREMAXEast Diamond
6/2/20225:30 PMRoepke Overhead DoorsSpectrum Screen GraphicsEast Diamond
6/2/20227:00 PMBahrn's EquipmentProRehabEast Diamond
6/3/20225:30 PMREMAXBahrn's EquipmentEast Diamond
6/3/20227:00 PMDieterich BankRoepke Overhead DoorsEast Diamond
6/6/20225:30 PMProRehabSpectrum Screen GraphicsEast Diamond
6/6/20227:00 PMREMAXRoepke Overhead DoorsEast Diamond
6/9/20225:30 PMSpectrum Screen GraphicsBahrn's EquipmentEast Diamond
6/9/20227:00 PMDieterich BankProRehabEast Diamond
6/10/20225:30 PMRoepke Overhead DoorsDieterich BankWest Diamond
6/13/20225:30 PMProRehabBahrn's EquipmentEast Diamond
6/13/20227:00 PMSpectrum Screen GraphicsRoepke Overhead DoorsEast Diamond
6/16/20225:30 PMSpectrum Screen GraphicsDieterich BankEast Diamond
6/16/20227:00 PMProRehabREMAXEast Diamond
6/20/20225:30 PMREMAXDieterich BankEast Diamond
6/20/20227:00 PMProRehabRoepke Overhead DoorsEast Diamond
6/23/20225:30 PMSpectrum Screen GraphicsREMAXEast Diamond
6/23/20227:00 PMDieterich BankBahrn's EquipmentEast Diamond
6/27/20225:30 PMProRehabDieterich BankEast Diamond
6/27/20227:00 PMBahrn's EquipmentRoepke Overhead DoorsEast Diamond
6/30/20225:30 PMRoepke Overhead DoorsREMAXEast Diamond
6/30/20227:00 PMBahrn's EquipmentSpectrum Screen GraphicsEast Diamond
7/6/20225:30 PMDieterich BankSpectrum Screen GraphicsEast Diamond
7/6/20227:00 PMREMAXProRehabEast Diamond
7/7/20225:30 PMRoepke Overhead DoorsBahrn's EquipmentEast Diamond
7/7/20227:00 PMSpectrum Screen GraphicsProRehabEast Diamond
7/8/20225:30 PMBahrn's EquipmentREMAXWest Diamond