Athletic Coordinator

Athletic Coordinator

Job Description


To work with the Recreation Director and carry out any duties assigned by the Park District Director.  Assist in overseeing all aspects of facilities usage, youth, and adult programs and sports; serve as a liaison to all other Park District program affiliates.  Assist Maintenance Director when needed.



  1. Facilities
  2. Youth Baseball/Softball
  3. Youth Flag Football
  4. Youth Soccer
  5. Adult Sports League Liaison
  6. Maintenance




  1. Oversee the rental groups and usage of all park facilities.
  2. Train, schedule and supervise building supervisors.
  3. Make repair and cleaning requests and recommendations to the Maintenance Superintendent.


Youth Baseball/Softball

  1. Responsible for any or all aspects of the baseball/softball leagues
  2. Make summer schedules for all the leagues
  3. Assist with finding and assigning coaches
  4. Schedule and run the drafts and/or coaches’ meetings for each league.
  5. Find, train and schedule umpires for baseball and softball leagues.
  6. Responsible for approving employees’ time as well as time sheets submitted to Director each pay period
  7. Submit umpires pay sheet to Director

Flag Football

  1. Responsible for any or all aspects of the Flag Football Program.
  2. Make schedules for the league
  3. Assist with finding and assigning coaches
  4. Schedule and run the coaches’ draft meeting.
  5. Fine, train and schedule Referees.
  6. Responsible for ordering trophies
  7. Responsible for handing out awards at final contest for each league.
  8. Responsible for year-end reports and submittal of referee pay sheets to the director.

Soccer / T-Ball / Tennis

  1. Responsible for any or all aspects of the youth soccer, t-ball, and tennis programs.
  2. Scheduling and fees associated with the programs.
  3. Assign and supervise employees, coaches, and referees.
  4. Assign players in a fair competitive manner.
  5. Work with Maintenance Superintendent for fieldwork assistance, if needed.
  6. Adult Sport League Liaison
  7. Work with league directors to approve schedules, fees and any preparation needing to be done by Park staff.
  8. Relay any information between league and Park District personnel.
  9. Directly coordinate, schedule, and oversee adult Volleyball and Basketball Leagues.


  1. Assist with maintenance projects when needed as requested from Maintenance Director.
  2. Assist in mowing, diamond prep and general upkeep of grounds or other parks if needed


Worker Traits:

  1. Good organizational skills
  2. Ability to schedule and supervise staff
  3. Good communication skills
  4. General knowledge of all aspects of job domain.
  5. Good physical condition



Education and Experience Preferred:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in related field
  2. Additional training or experience in a related field.


compensation & benefits

Compensation is dependent on education and experience.

Benefits (after 6 month probationary period)

  • Full Health & Dental Insurance
  • IMRF Retirement Fund
  • 2 weeks vacation per year
  • 12 sick days per year (accumulation allowed up to 60)
  • Flexible schedule
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